That's X-O-F to you, buddy!!! (xof1013) wrote in craigkelly,
That's X-O-F to you, buddy!!!

Craig Kelly & John Simm - Student Film - Age 16

Student Film Project staring Craig Kelly, John Simm & Dean Taylor - all age 16!!!

"Meet The Beatles"

Meet The Beatles from Dean Taylor on Vimeo.

Vid Direct Link -

"Legend has it they failed" the project...haha!

Dean Taylor posted it just last week! And OMG - how adorable, and, are they all? Craig looks sooooo young (baby face!), and John - totally endearing seeing him as a teen. (Though he looks like a teen Rick Astley or Anthony Michael All of this is a bit ... rough and off the cuff, but still - I was laughing. :)

Take a look and enjoy!

For those who want to - mp4 file - hxxp://



PS - From the perspective of how Craig looked at 16 - if you think of Vince at the same age, how in the HELL did Stuart Alan Jones resist???
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