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That's X-O-F to you, buddy!!!

Craig Kelly - Loose Women Video Interview

He's gone from playing the devious Luke Strong - who after swindling poor Rosie Webster out of £90,000 made his getaway to Rio de Janeiro - in Coronation Street, to treading the boards in the West End.

Now Craig Kelly heads into the Loose Women studio to talk about starring in Chicken with our very own Lisa Maxwell, method acting and...his shoes!


Set in the Bronx, Chicken is a gritty play full of street-smart humour about two childhood pals, Wendall and Floyd, an unhappy wife - and a sickly rooster they are grooming for an illegal cockfight.

Wendall (Craig Kelly, Coronation Street, Queer as Folk) and his pregnant wife Lina (Lisa Maxwell, Loose Women, The Bill) live in a stifling and cramped apartment, full of the mess of desperate people. Floyd (George Georgiou, Mamma Mia!-The Movie) is kipping down on the sofa, and a visit from his father (Andy Lucas), his brash ex wife (Amy Tez) and the local hustler (Daniel Yabut), clearly shows what an unstable upbringing and a burning desire for money can do -- but will the cock be their meal ticket?

Chicken is an acute observation of modern life in the city, as the dysfunctional friends scrabble and strut like cocks, fighting in the grimy, slightly desperate world they inhabit. There is no working class -- this is the world of the new underclass.
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